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Sawariya Advertising is a fast growing Outdoor Advertising Agency that primarily deals in Advertisement on Trucks. We are a key link between Advertisers and the Transporters or Fleet Owners. Sawariya Advertising, in a short span of time has earned a significant reputation of being one among the leading Out of Home Advertising Companies in India. Located in Gurgaon, Haryana, Sawariya Advertising has a huge network of more than five thousand trucks across the country.

Sawariya Advertising, at one end promises the Advertisers a dynamic brand identity and vibrant ad campaign for their product and services at lowest CPI (Cost per Impression), on the other end, it focuses on providing the Transporters and Fleet Owners a fair opportunity to earn some additional profit through the affixed ads on their vehicles.

What we offer to Advertisers and Media Buyers?

We offer a dynamic, persuasive, and result oriented outdoor advertising campaign for your brand, product, or services through our huge network of GPS enabled trucks. You are assured of guaranteed outcome through a vibrant publicity, promotion and branding of your products and services along with a exceptional facility of monitoring the whole campaign via GPS system installed on the vehicles.

What we have for Transporters?

The Transporters are promised an extra income through the ads affixed to their trucks on go. Apart from this, they are also assured of getting the quick load for their Return Trucks in order to drastically reduce the idle time of their vehicles. If you are a Transporter, partner with Sawariya Advertising , as it will be the all win situation for you. You concentrate on your logistic services, while we find the advertisers and freight owners for you to significantly add on to your profit.

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